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10 June 2021 - 11 June 2021
EMVA Business Conference Special Edition 2021

The annual EMVA Business Conference

Special Edition 2021 including Virtual Online-Networking

Pivotal event for the machine vision and image processing industry.

In times where the COVID-19 pandemic still causes severe restrictions in business and private areas the annual EMVA Business Conference, previously announced to take place in Sofia, Bulgaria, has moved to an online format again.

The EMVA Business Conference unites business leaders and technical experts within the Vision Tech Industry and the various user markets from Europe and around the world to present and discuss trends and challenges. It provides a unique platform in Europe for networking, establishing contacts and exchanging ideas. The EMVA Business Conference sets the course for developing and strengthening the industry in Europe.

Join CEOs, managing directors, corporate strategists, marketing directors, technical managers and other executives of our business to exchange market intelligence and news of innovative technologies.


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What to expect?

Keynotes, invited talks, panel discussions, fireside chats and more.
Special offer to present for Start-ups.

We have assembled an exciting and informative program for two afternoon conference tracks each opened by a keynote talk.

Leaders and innovators in our industry offer an excellent mixture of online presentations covering the topics of management, innovation and technology trends. The agenda is enriched by a panel discussion and a fireside chat.

In several 10 minutes slots EMVA members update on their newest activities.

Last but not least we introduce the 'Emerging Tech Talks' session. Recently founded respectively still young companies receive the opportunity to present their early-stage innovation.


Whoever joined an EMVA Business Conference in one of Europe’s main capitals in previous years would be able to confirm that it offers outstanding networking opportunities impossible to be easily substituted by an online event format.

Nevertheless also the EMVA Business Conference Special Edition 2021 provides direct networking opportunities through pre-scheduled virtual face-to-face meetings in the hours before and after the conference tracks. In addition you may use one of several break-out rooms for ad-hoc meetings with other participants.

YES, you perfectly understood:
The well known and highly appreciated pre-scheduled b2b meetings will also be offered in this Special Edition of EMVA's well known annual highlight event.

3-4 weeks before the conference takes off, you may choose your preferred conversation partners out of the list of attendees. Individual video calls then will be scheduled offering you meeting your peers 'virtual face-to-face' for networking, exchange of ideas or learn how others handle their busines challenges in a pandemic environment.

Registration fees

To join the informative presentation sessions including interactive Q&A and to benefit from the various outstanding networking options including pre-scheduled face-to-face meetings please register for just:

EMVA Member
Non EMVA Member
Student (access limited to conference tracks)


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